About Us

Welcome to HotRodJoNZ.com

Hot Rod Jonz is more than your average local mechanic. At HRJ Customs we love going fast. We have a motto here, it’s something along those lines of we will hot rod pretty much anything. We do complete car reconstruction, vehicle restorations, chassis construction, and you guessed it, fabrication and swaps. One look at our garage and it’s no secret we love our muscle cars, but don’t let that intimidate you, our office manager is a softy for imports.

We are small, but we are mighty. On our side we have George Mitchell, the owner, who also doubles as our lead fabricator. A race car builder with an MBA, George has been doing the dang thing for over thirty years. He started out just as his teen years were behind him with IHRA Pro Stock Racer “Bethesda” Bob Harris. Bob became a close friend and mentor for George. He worked as a cylinder head specialist and engine assembler, until he moved on to building and modifying his own motors. George has been involved with all forms of motorsports in the search for horsepower. He has worked directly in the turbocharger world, while working in a Nissan GTR shop, without forgetting his roots in normally aspirated engine building. George has also worked on the marketing side of the business as a marketing specialist, with the Kenny Koretsky operation when they were running the pro stock and top fuel operations with Clay Millican. Both Kenny and Clay remain friends of George. Back in the shop, George is supporting local racers with both nitrous and turbocharged combinations using the Big Stuff EFI while building some forward thinking race and street machines. Machines that will incorporate a number of “firsts” in a sea of LS swapped cookie cutter cars!